How to assemble an A frame towing system

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Aptly named due to its shape, the A frame is the perfect tool for towing another vehicle when you do not have anyone to help you. However, for some people that have never used an A frame, it can be a confusing way to set up just to tow a vehicle. This is particularly true because the towed vehicle acts justs like a trailer. Widely used by many second-hand car dealers, the A frame is a must-have. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to fit your A frame should you wish to use one.

Step One

Disconnect the front section of the A frame off the arms, as this will make fitting a lot easier for you. Undo the spreader bar bolts as well. This will make it easier to refit the front section later.

Step Two

Once you have disconnected the frame, take an arm of the frame and place it under the wishbone. Put a chain over the top wishbone, then repeat this with the arm on the other side.

Step Three

Now that you have both arms in place, it's time to connect the front section of the frame to the arms. Make sure that it is secure.

Step Four

Attach the ratchet straps to the chains. Connect one strap per chain, then tighten them well.

Step Five

Fit and tighten the spreader bar bolts. It would be a good idea place the frame on something that is of a similar height to the vehicle you are going to link to. This saves you having to bend down, and if you are able to, you can have the tow bar under the tow hitch, that way you just have to remove your stand and fasten it to the tow bar. It is also a good idea to ensure that your straps and chains are now fully tight, and ensure that the chains do not hang down so that they do not touch the road.

Step Six

The next step is to hook the A frame to your towing vehicle, ensuring that the vehicle you are towing does not weigh the same or more than the vehicle you are towing with.

Step Seven

Attach your trailer board and ensure that all of the lights work. Place a warning sign in the rear over the vehicle you are towing, and if you are limited to a set speed it might be a good idea to have a sign in the window stating that and the speed limitation.

Now that you have all the information to set up your very own A frame, you will have no problems towing that classic car to the shows. There will be no more worry of the car breaking down or getting it home.