Is Your Automobile Part of Your Household Recycling Plan?

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Do you consider yourself to be a perfect steward of the environment? Are you used to segregating all your household waste and putting it into different bags so that they can be sent for recycling? However, you may be missing out on your chance to contribute if you're not recycling relevant parts of your automobile. What should you be thinking about here?


If you're a weekend mechanic, you may be used to changing the oil in your car by yourself, but you may have a stockpile of the old lubricant in the relevant cans, somewhere in the corner of your garage. You should take all this to your nearest recycling centre so that they can dispose of it properly, and don't forget to recycle the old filters while you're at it. Make sure that all of the oil has been withdrawn from the filter, which may take an extra effort on your part.


Batteries are recyclable, but they have to be treated with great care, as they are filled with toxic components. You may have to refer to legislation within your jurisdiction to tell you where to take the battery, or you may be required to swap it over whenever you buy a new one.


Rubber is a very durable product, and this is a significant disadvantage when it comes to the disposal of car or truck tyres. They will take up a great deal of space in any community landfill and could last for generations before they start to decompose. You should take used tyres to a recycling unit so that they can be made into new products, such as flooring for a children's playground.

Replacing Parts

Now and again you will have to replace some of the parts on your car due to damage or wear and tear. You may have smashed a mirror when trying to manoeuvre into a tight parking space, and when you replace it with a new one, don't forget to recycle the old. You may find that rust has taken over your exhaust system on an older car, and so you need to replace it. You may also find that you need to replace brake pads or shoes when they wear out through standard use. In all of these cases, don't simply discard the old components, but take them to auto part recycler, where they can process them properly.

Calculating Your Contribution

Almost every single part of your car is recyclable in one way or another. If you're not sure, have a word with your local agent to see what they will take.