Things to Think About Before Getting a Roof Basket for Your Car

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A roof basket is an important addition to your vehicle, especially if you enjoy taking trips regularly. It helps you create more room inside your car, thus avoiding congestion. Before buying a roof basket for your vehicle, you should consider important factors:

Make and Model of Your Vehicle

Find out whether it is possible to attach a roof basket to your vehicle make and model. If so, how is the attachment done? Will you damage the aesthetics of your car? Are you comfortable having a roof basket installed on your vehicle? The answers to these questions help give you a starting point.

Weight of the Roof Basket

Usually, when you are searching for the roof baskets available for your vehicle make and model, factors such as weight will already have been considered. Listen to the roof basket salesperson. Don't get a heavy roof basket for a car roof that cannot withstand the weight. Remember you will also place your luggage on it.

Material Composition

Again, depending on your car and luggage, you can choose between steel and aluminium roof baskets. Aluminium is durable, very light, corrosion-resistant and can support general luggage. You might find that most roof baskets are made from heavy-duty aluminium. Steel is heavier and cheaper; not many vehicles can support its weight. This is why you usually find steel roof baskets on larger vehicles.


Choosing a roof basket design relies on two factors: its appearance and what you need to carry. You, of course, want the roof basket to look appealing to the eye and be able to securely carry your luggage. A roof basket salesperson will show you a variety of designs, and you can choose whichever makes you happy.

Think of Rainy Days

Don't forget a roof basket cover. You do not want your luggage to get wet if it rains. Remember that there should be a space between the roof basket and the roof of your car so that your luggage does not come into contact with the roof. This helps in two ways: your car roof is protected from dents and when it rains, and your luggage does not get wet from underneath.


Always have a reminder on your dashboard or steering wheel that you have luggage on your roof basket. You can come across a low structure you need to pass beneath and end up causing damage to your car or luggage, for example, a garage or parking lot entrance.

Additionally, remember to secure your luggage effectively. Since you might be moving at a high speed and might drive on rough roads, it is easy for your luggage to get loose.